What to do with missed dosage?

In most cases, when one buys Tramadol from a pharmacist, the person is either told or already has a prescription for the right amount dosage for the medication. But just in case, if one misses out on a dose of Tramadol, what needs to be done?

In a scenario, when a patient has missed a dose of Tramadol, it is suggested to take the missed dose as soon as possible. In cases where the time lapse has been more then, it is better to have the next dose and not increase the dosage instead. A good way to keep tab of the dosage is by slotting it within intervals and keeping an alarm to follow the schedule. On the other hand, one can request a member of the family to help with the reminders about the dosage of a day.

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The popular dosage for Tramadol

While one can buy Tramadol online these days, information regarding the exact dosage of the medication is always to be read well beforehand. In cases of mild pain, the recommended dosage is of about 25 mg of Tramadol to be taken in the morning with or after breakfast. These are for people who are taking it for the first time and may be required to take it for a longer period. The process then requires the dosage to increase by another 25 mg with the next schedule, gradually to reach the point of 100 mg for a single day. In which case, the patient should take 25 mg Tramadol four times in a day. If the patient at any time requires being on a dosage of 200 mg, then the strength of the tablet can be increased to 50 mg four times a day. This however should be a gradual process and in the mean time the patient would get accustomed to the drug.

In cases of titration, when the patient has bought Tramadol online, the dosage should only fall between 50 mg to 100 mg. In totality, it must never exceed the amount of 400 mg for a day. The frequency of the intake should take place with a gap of five to six hours. The time interval matters a lot with this drug and should be followed in the same manner.

For cases of Tramadol with extended release, the dosage should only start with 100 mg in a day. The increased amount should take place in titration with intervals of five days in between. This will depend only on the patientís tolerance level of the medication. It is suggested to report any complication that might occur in the process to the physician, so that the dosage gets rescheduled accordingly. The highest amount of dosage for an extended release Tramadol should go upto 300 mg and not more than that.

The patients who are highly allergic to analgesics should take extra care in administering the dosage. Also, it is required for people who feel more of drug side effects than its benefits; it needs to be shared with the physician. For any termination of drug, it should first be consulted with the medical advisor.

The concern

The important concern part while buying Tramadol for use comes with the age group for which it is taken. As stated earlier, the drug is effective for age groups above 15 years and below 70 years. In which case, if it is to be administered by an elderly person around the age of 65 years, the health history is to be checked beforehand. Any case of cardiac or liver problems should be reported to the doctor. The drug may come to cause serious complications thus, it is best to have the knowledge of the possible consequences.

The geriatric dosage for people over 70 years should be limited to 300 mg a day. Also, if the patient is being treated for any other condition, then, the medicine needs to be adjusted according to the other drugs in practice.

When it comes to the case of children, extra precaution is to be taken. Kids who are below the age of 15 years are not found suitable for the drug. However, for children above 15 years, the starting dose can be of 100 mg. If the pain continues to persist the, the dose can be increased to a substantial amount yet not exceeding 300 mg amount for a day.

All the above information regarding the drug is based on the most discussed factors of what kind of dosage is suitable for Tramadol. So, for people who buy Tramadol online, they may find this information at a lot of places, yet we prefer to advise that the patient should take a first-hand consultation with a medical advisor to verify the details.